What are preserved roses?

Preserved roses are natural roses that are carefully preserved using a special proprietary and delicate process to preserve the quality and integrity of each petal which are then dyed with rich vibrant colors keeping its natural beauty. The preservation of each rose allows them to last for years.


How long do preserved roses last?

Our preserved rose arrangements require NO water to keep its natural beauty, and can last up to one year or more under proper conditions. The roses will keep their look and feel natural for many months without any maintenance.


How are the roses able to last a whole year?

Our preserved roses are treated with a proprietary solution and color pigmentation process that can transform our roses into long lasting roses that maintain their freshness and shape. The outcome is for our roses to look, feel, and even smell like roses - because they are 100% natural.


Can I design my own arrangement?

Absolutely! We have a wide assortment of rose colors for you to browse, and extraordinary designs and examples that they can be orchestrated in. You may choose from our selection of signature hat boxes that come in different colors and fabric material, or our luxurious acrylic clear cases. If you need creative direction, one our floral specialist can help you create your very own customized, beautiful and eye-catching luxurious flower arrangement that will be sure to leave a lasting impression.


What are the correct conditions and proper care for my preserved rose arrangement?

The correct conditions and proper care for our preserved roses are:

  • No refrigeration

  • No direct sunlight

  • No water

  • Use indoors only

View our product care page here for more information


Can I remove the roses from the box or acrylic case?

No, the roses are designed to stay inside the box or acrylic case and removing them will destroy the arrangement.


Do the roses have a scent?

Yes, each rose carries a special scent and smells just like a natural rose.


Can I order via e-mail or over the phone?

 No, all orders have to be placed on our website www.monteederose.com . Please note that all orders undergo a security verification check and must be approved by our third party fraud analysis team before the order can be processed. If your order is declined by the verification system, then we will notify you via email with an alternate solution.


What days of the week do we deliver?

We deliver every day Monday - Saturday Including major holidays (New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas). We strongly recommend placing your orders at least five business days in advance before any major holidays, to avoid any delays. Please call one of our floral specialist at 1-877-993-3541 to arrange for same day delivery.

What happens if the recipient isn't there to accept the arrangement?

Because each arrangement is personally hand delivered, it's possible that the recipient may not be present during the attempted delivery. If you have any specific instructions for the delivery, be sure to contact one of our floral specialist. Otherwise, the delivering florist may choose to:

  • Call the recipient to reschedule an appropriate delivery day and time for the arrangement.

  • Leave a note on the recipient's door asking them to contact us to schedule a convenient delivery time.

  • Leave the arrangement in a covered and secured area near the front door.

  • Leave the flower arrangement with a neighbor and place a message on the recipient's door referring them to the neighbor who is holding their gift.

  • Return the arrangement back to a cool air-conditioned area at our flower boutique until we can contact the recipient and schedule a re-delivery.

What's your return policy?

Unfortunately, Montee De Rose® does not accept returns for our fresh cut and preserved flower arrangements. If you would like to cancel an order, please contact us before the scheduled delivery. Please contact us at info@monteederose.com with any questions, comments, and concerns, and a floral specialist will do everything possible to help.