Plant With Purpose

Montee De Rose is a proud parter of Plant With Purpose, an organization whose mission is to reverse deforestation and poverty in the world by transforming the lives of the rural poor.

Plant With Purpose plants trees through environmental restoration groups that are organized in rural villages. Community members form farmer field schools, where they learn sustainable agriculture techniques from local experts and then pass that knowledge along from peer to peer. They learn methods like building soil conservation, composting, and crop diversification. This improves soil fertility, allowing them to grow 40-80% more crops. Of course, planting trees is sort of the cornerstone activity, as they encourage agroforestry- planting trees in ways that help protect water sources, nourish smaller crops, and regulate climate. That way people grow more food while improving their land overall.

In addition, Plant With Purpose also contributes to small business training, savings groups, and community organizing to completely reverse the cycle of poverty and environmental damage. All of that goes into each dollar given, and results in even more trees planted and more sustainable reforestation.

They recently planted their 30 millionth tree!!

Plant With Purpose plans on making change through development, ultimately restoring degraded land and dignity to the rural poor, while providing opportunities for future generations. In fact, there are currently 17,132 families who are benefiting from Plant With Purpose's program in Haiti, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Thailand, Burundi, and Tanzania through training in sustainable agriculture, reforestation, community-based microfinance, spiritual renewal, capacity building, and marketing assistance. 

Montee De Rose will contribute ten percent of our profits to this amazing non-profit based out of San Diego.

1 dollar = 1 tree planted, together we can make a wave of change.

We are proud partners of an organization that contributes so much to the earth and we'd like you to join us on the journey.

-Montee De Rose Team