Forest Series: Deforestation

Our forest series tells a story of enchantment and revival 🌿🧚🏻‍♂️

Deforestation is a major issue that we take seriously, the loss of trees and other vegetation can cause climate change, increased greenhouse gases, soil erosion, a host of problems for indigenous people and forest fairies! We must protect and rebuild

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White and cream both symbolize innocence,  and new beginnings while our preserved leaves add an ethereal fairy touch. 

Planting trees and preventing deforestation is vital. Poverty often drives families to cut trees to clear land, to farm or to sell it as charcoal or fuel is a self-perpetuating, inhibiting cycle. By destroying the land, the ground’s fertility for future growth is compromised. Deforestation leads to erosion of the topsoil, water pollution and the increased hazard of storms. Trees also protect natural water sources; their roots reduce runoff, allowing water to sink into the ground and prevent erosion, landslides and flash flooding.

Plant With Purpose equips impoverished farming families to change their circumstances and land and to live with hope. They do this through sustainable agriculture training, land restoration, savings-led microfinance, and local leadership development. 

20% of all profit from this collection is donated to Plant With Purpose.

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