Congrats 2021 Grads!

Evidence of how hard work, dedication, persistence, and patience pay off! It takes drive and commitment to continue your education and you've made it this far. This accomplishment marks the beginning of a very exciting (though sometimes scary part) of your life. Go into the world and change it for the better, scholars. Congratulations, Class of 2021!

Because we are located in NYC, we visited both NYU and Columbia's campuses and gave away some of our rose boxes to graduates in gowns.

New York University (NYU) Roses

Columbia University Roses

What is Success?
Success is defined differently for each of us so ask yourself what does it mean to you?  What do you want out of life?  If you have not answered that question, you need to visualize and allow that image drive you to achieve your level of success. 

Be a Go-Getter!
Business owners and managers are looking for people that are go-getters.  Do the extra things that will help make you stand out.

Work Hard and Be Passionate!
What are you passionate about? Spend some time just thinking about what drives you at the core. Then work toward fulfilling the hunger for that passion.  

Congrats 2021 grads!