How We Preserve our Roses

Montée de Rose arrangements consist of natural roses that have been processed with a revolutionary technology to maintain a preserved appearance for 3 years if kept in the right conditions.

Our roses have a soft and delicate appearance, making it difficult to differentiate between fresh cut roses. All of our roses are individually handpicked for perfection and the unique process includes over 60 complex steps of preservation and over 90 days of careful processing.

For more information about the process and how we cultivate our roses, please visit "Our Rose Farm."


The Montee De Rose preservation process is a 100% natural technique that maintains the original texture and appearance of the roses.

Our 60 Step process

1. Our eternal roses are grown in the Andes Mountain of Ecuador by our dedicated rose farmers (75% being women), who have years of experience in growing the absolute best roses.2. The roses are vigilantly watched, individually handpicked and carefully selected at their ideal stage of peak bloom.3. Right after they are cut, a clear glycerin coating is applied to the batch and then submerged in other natural ingredients so that they hold shape for the electroplating journey.These ingredients will re-hydrate the rose by replacing the sap from the petals to the stem. This technical process ensures that the flowers are “frozen” and then go through an immersion electroplating process with our proprietary formula to produce new layers for structural integrity.

4. A dye process takes place shortly after the rose preservation is completed.

5. Our roses are then inspected and go through a very strict quality control screening to ensure perfection.

The whole preserved rose process compromises of 60 steps and takes about three months. Unlike many other preserved rose companies, our roses have the capability to last 3-5 years because of our long and detailed process. 

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