Pair eternal beauty and eternal comfort to create the perfect bedroom.

We are proud to partner with a company that is equally as passionate about sustainable living 🤍

Hästens main goal is to redefine the boundaries of comfort, quality, craftsmanship and ergonomics. Five generations and 167 years of expert artistry and centuries of sleep knowledge and research have gone into the making of these beds. They are in a lane of their own, with unparalleled quality and comfort. Inside Hästens beds, the horsetail hairs are partitioned into thin yet bountiful layers, with an even thinner layer of cotton and wool in between. Some of the finest bed artisans work on hand-ruffling the fibers together, which requires extreme patience, skill and dexterity. This ensures it's durability and reputation as a luxury heritage brand. Hästens beds are comfortable and promote the highest quality of sleep while forming to your body shape.

Just like Hästen beds, our roses last a lot longer than the industry standard for eternal flowers. With a whopping three plus years of guaranteed beauty and meticulous preservation processes, Montée De Rose arrangements are crafted with passion and mindfulness. All of our roses are individually hand picked at peak bloom and undergo a vigorous preservation process. The process is 100% safe and non toxic as we use a food and medical grade proprietary formula. All of our floral arrangements are handmade and put together by our expert floral designers in New York City. We also recently launched our peony collection that’s located in NYC Hästen locations (How exciting!)

If you visit any of Hästens four NYC locations (Chelsea, D&D, Madison and Soho), you are able to view the beds, experience the sleep spa and view our gorgeous eternal flowers. All four locations have a dedicated experience called "The Sleep Spa" in which you can book time to try out their beds and have an unforgettable sleep experience.

Please visit https://thesleepspa.com/ for more information or to book your sleep spa consultation today.

While you're there, make sure you take a look at some of our newest peony collections as well as Hästens The Sleep Spa X Montée De Rose exclusive collections! 


If you want 10 steps to sleep better, please view: https://www.hastens.com/us/sleep